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The highest-rated product from our entire review is Superbalife’s Prostavar. This dynamic formulation combines a highly effective combination of super potent extracts to make a prostate pill that is second to none. We have reviewed some great products, but even we were a little taken aback at how well Prostavar performed in laboratory tests. And we were very moved by the life-changing stories we have read from men taking it. Prostavar is the latest breakthrough in prostate health. It was designed and fortified using only the highest-grade botanicals and extracts on the market. Prostavar not only dominated the competition in the lab tests – with high marks of quercetin, icariin, polyphenolics, total sterols and free fatty acids – but it is also formulated with stinging nettle extract, soy isoflavones pumpkin seed extract, maitake mushroom extract, and muira puama extract, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine Acid, and L-Glycine. As you can see, Superbalife left nothing to chance, as virtually all known nutrients and botanical extracts are present, in ethical dosages, in this revolutionary product.

In sum, Prostavar is a superbly engineered prostate pill that has the added benefit of also being an ultra-potent cardiovascular compound that is great for your circulatory health. When it comes to state of the art technologies, no other product even comes close. But perhaps the most compelling evidence of Prostavar’s superiority is the feedback from actual users. Customer surveys have consistently ranked Prostavar as the No. #1 product by a landslide.

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Soy Protein – A True Super Food Numerous studies have come out to suggest that daily consumption of soy protein can reduce the risk of “serious prostate problems” by as much as 35%! The key is the active ingredient in soy protein called genistein. Baseball manager Joe Torre, actor Robert DeNiro and golfer Arnold Palmer are among the many well-know celebrities who have a soy protein shake each day. There are many brands of soy protein that are very good. Most natural markets and health food stores carry them. We recommend the brands Jarrow Formulas, Whole Foods, and Solgar. The cost for soy is inexpensive. Try and get 35grams of soy protein every day! It really is emerging as a true “super food” with other health benefits as well, including lowering cholesterol, and slowing the development of diabetes. Go get some!
Knowledge Is Power There are hundreds of Internet websites that provide useful information concerning prostate issues, however there is one organization that clearly stands above the rest. The website is a never-ending fountain of great information on serious prostate issues. Founded by Wall Street Titan Mike Milken, he and the organization have taken an approach to helping men with serious prostate problems get the latest information. Their section on nutrition alone is a must-read for every man alive. Make sure you visit this incredible site and read, read, read! t could literally save your life.
Mayo Clinic & Johns Hopkins Books There are many books on the market on prostate health care, but the two we believe will help the most men are “How to Fight Prostate Problems and Win” by William Fisher, published through Johns Hopkins Medical Center; and “The Mayo Clinic On Prostate Health.” Like the above-mentioned Prostate Foundation website – these books are definitely worth reading. While these two are the best, there are a few others that merit mention: Dr. Peter Scardino’s Prostate book, “Surviving Prostate Problems Without Surgery” by Michael Dattoli, Jennifer Cash and Don Kaltenbach; and “What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Prostate Problems” by Glenn Bubley and Winifred Conkling.
Home Test Kit The BIOSAFE Prostate Screen is a laboratory blood test that measures a chemical substance produced by the prostate gland called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Small amounts of this substance can be measured in the bloodstream by the Prostate Screen. The BIOSAFE Prostate Screen provides you with an accurate, convenient, and inexpensive way to discover your own PSA level. Using the special lancet (included in the Kit), a couple of drops of blood are taken from a nick of a finger and deposited onto a special collection card. The card is then sent to BIOSAFE Laboratories for analysis. BIOSAFE tests your blood sample to see how much PSA is present and then mails the results back to you in an easy-to-read report. Call them at 1-888-700-TEST or you can purchase it online from numerous retailers for around $40.

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