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Product: Prosvent labs
Company Vita Energy
Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars

Company site: Vita Energy

Prosvent labs

Rating: C
Company Vita Energy
Specs: Lab Report
Company site: Vita Energy
ND. - -
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Total Flavonoids:
5.51 3.84 3.84
B Sisterol:
4.91 3.42 3.42
Total Phytosterols:
9.48 6.61 6.61
Free Fatty Acids:
135 94.0 94.0 Read Review

Grade C

Prosvent is an incomplete formula lacking quercitin and icariin which keeps it from being a home run.


Prosvent Analysis:

Maybe you have seen the half-hour television infomercial for Prosvent featuring UCLA educated physician Dr. Larry May. The show and commercials do a terrific job of reviewing how important it is for men to be proactive in caring for their prostate. Dr. Larry May goes on to explain that to eliminate or at least minimize the chance of developing BPH, men should take his Prosvent supplement. Talk about biased!

Prosvent contains all the key ingredients of a good prostate supplement: saw palmetto, pygeum, Vitamin D & E, zinc, selenium and pumpkin seed oil as well as lycopene. We reviewed the laboratory tests with average scores. This supplement was nowhere near the high scores of Prostavar or some of the better prostate supplements.

However, Prosvent is good enough to help some men with mild prostate enlargement or mild BPH. The only complaint about Prosvent is that it costs $79 a bottle. The high price might be necessary because of the high cost of purchasing the TV infomercial spotsottom line is this is a decent product.

Prosvent is available or by calling 1-800-743-9854.

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