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Product: Prostate Relief
Company Natural Science
Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars

Company site: Natural Science

Prostate Relief

Rating: B
Company Natural Science
Specs: Lab Report
Company site: Natural Science

Prostate Relief Review – This well formulated product contains quality extract concentrations of the key ingredients saw palmetto and pygeum. Other beneficial compounds contained in the formula are Beta Carotene, Zinc, Selenium, Parsley juice powder and a variety of herbs which help to cleanse the kidneys and bladder. Prostate Relief is also recommended to be taken along with their product Intestinal Detoxifier which is a specific formula for Prostatitis and this herbal combination functions as a cleanser, detoxifier, and strengthener of the prostate. Formulated by Dino Guglemelli, founder or Natural Science Laboratories to help men experience a morning bowel movement. The theory is that a morning bowel movement assists the body in eliminating toxins being cleaned from the prostate. Nice product that is just a few steps away for being one of the super elite. Good lab scores. We just got this lab result in and havent been able to post it yet. Check back soon. Homepage unavailable.

Prostate Relief Basics: This all-natural, vegetable-based supplement utilizes the power of Saw Palmetto and pygeum extract to improve prostate health. Sound familiar? Just about every prostate supplement available today claims they can do this as well—but not all supplements also claim to cleanse the kidneys and bladder, like Prostate Relief. Paired with their detoxifying supplement Intestinal Detoxifier, it also supposedly removes deadly toxins that contribute to prostatitis, a chronic infectious condition that may cause severe prostate or urinary problems. It also improves another issues most aging men face—chronic constipation.

Prostate Relief Ingredients: Prostate Relief contains Saw Palmetto and pygeum extract, used to improve prostate health. It also contains beta carotene, zinc, selenium and parsley juice powder.

Does Prostate Relief Work?: Probably. Both Saw Palmetto and pygeum extract are currently considered viable alternative treatments for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), or an enlarged prostate, in the European health industry. It’s still awaiting approval by the FDA, but early studies show it significantly reduces urinary and prostate pain associated with BPH. It may also reduce prostate inflammation, which causes increased prostate enlargement. There’s no evidence supporting its ability to treat prostatitis, however.

As for zinc, numerous studies show it may inhibit the formation of certain prostate issues, and is considered an effective alternative treatment for prostate issues. But studies on selenium are inconclusive, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)—their latest study revealed selenium was just as effective as placebo in preventing prostate issues.

Is Prostate Relief Safe?: Yes. Overuse of zinc may cause anemia or affect good cholesterol levels, but you won’t experience this unless you take too many Prostate Relief supplements. Saw Palmetto and pygeum extract also have no known side effects, and are generally considered safe for everyday use.

Grade: B. Prostate Relief contains a variety of disease-fighting ingredients, including Saw Palmetto and pygeum extract, that help fight urinary and prostate problems, leading to better prostate health. Adequate zinc supplementation may also fight prostate problems, the second leading cause of preventable deaths amongst American men. But Prostavar and Vasotrexx contain far more effective ingredients, including quercitin. Prostate Relief earns a B for being somewhat effective at improving prostate health.

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