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Product: Prostate PM

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Prostate PM

Rating: D
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Prostate PM Basics:

Also called Pomology Prostate PM, this pomegranate-based prostate supplement helps promote healthy prostate function and better sleep with its patented blend, called Suntheanine. It is a unique blend that supposedly reduces non-chronic insomnia caused by an enlarged prostate. But that’s not all, says Prostate PM: it also contains a rich pomegranate extract, which they claim reduces a man’s risk for developing prostate problems.

Prostate Ingredients:

Prostate PM contains vitamin D, phyto sitosterol complex (containing 40-45% beta-sitosterols), pomegranate extract, green tea extract, Suntheanine and cranberry juice powder.

Does Prostate PM Work?

Probably not. Although pomegranate juice may slow down the development of prostate problems–one study published in Clinical Research shows it cut prostate problem development in half–no studies have been conducted on pomegranate extracts. These are the only form of pomegranate found in Prostate PM. Prostate PM also only contains 200mg of pomegranate extract. However, the men in the study only drank 8oz, or 226796.185mg of pomegranate juice per day, which is literally a fraction of what you’ll find in Prostate PM.

But can Suntheanine help? It probably won’t, especially considering Suntheanine is only a patented, pure form of l-theanine, a common amino acid.

Is it Safe? Yes. There are no side effects associated with pomegranates, l-theanine, or its other ingredients. It’s also free of additives that may cause allergic reactions.

Grade: D. Prostate PM is a safe product, but it’s more hype than anything else. None of these ingredients are shown to improve prostate health, including Suntheanine. Prostate PM is not a very effective prostate supplement, and that’s proven.

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