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Product: Prostate Nutritional Support

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Prostate Nutritional Support

Rating: B
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Prostate Nutritional Support Basics: Developed by Dr. Kurt Donsbach, a nationally recognized alternative health practitioner, Prostate Nutritional Support is a herbal supplement that claims to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), a common prostate disorder. Like other prostate supplements, Prostate Nutritional Support’s main ingredient is saw palmetto, an extract from the serenoa repens fruit. They recommend taking up to 6 pills per day to treat BPH symptoms.

Ingredients: Prostate Nutritional Support contain saw palmetto extract, pygeum extract, stinging nettle extract and zinc gluconate.

Does it Work?: Yes. Prostate Nutritional Support contains a natural form of saw palmetto, which has been shown in several studies to reduce some symptoms of BPH. According to these studies, saw palmetto reduced urinary obstruction and increased nocturnal urination, acting very similarly to the BPH medication Proscar. It did not shrink the size of the prostate, however.

Pygeum bark has also been identified as a treatment for BPH in some clinical trials. According to the studies, which were reported in Life Extension Magazine, pygeum extract inhibited the overgrowth of cells inside the prostate, preventing BPH. It also helped reduce urinary problems caused by BPH, including weak stream, increased nocturnal urination and urinary obstruction.

Other ingredients, including zinc gluconate, also help reduce a man’s prostate issue risk. According to a report publicized by Oregon State University, zinc was shown to be possibly effective at reducing a man’s risk for prostate issues.

Is it Safe?: Yes. Very few side effects have been reported with any of its ingredients. Saw palmetto may cause some stomach upset.

Grade: B. Prostate Nutritional Support contains a variety of safe, effective ingredients shown to reduce BPH symptoms in numerous clinical trials. It also may reduce a man’s risk for prostate problems, making an ideal prostate aid for reducing this risk. Although it isn’t as effective as Prostavar, it definitely has some potential.

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