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Prostanol Review – This fine “soft gel” product from VitalMax Vitamins was designed by Dr. Al Sears, an advocate for the use of natural health products for men. Dr. Sears does an excellent job designing men’s health supplements. Prostanol scored better than most of the products in lab reports. Uses an 85% extract of saw palmetto and had 20mg of beta sitosterol, and provides 266% of the RDA of Zinc. Surprised pygeum is not present in the formula. The proprietary Phytosterol blend of Campsterol, Stigmasterol, Brassicasterol and Sitostanol are effective. The regular price for a one-month supply is $57.45. Prostanol is available at or by calling 1-800-815-5151.

Prostanol Basics: Created by Mark Rosenberg, M.D., founder of The Institute of Healthy Aging, Prostanol features a unique, sterol-rich blend called Phytosin, which Rosenberg claims reduces prostate or urinary problems, such as frequent urination and prostate inflammation. These results may be seen in mere weeks, with lasting results seen after only one month of use. But the real kicker is its easily digestible soft gel capsules, which dissolve easily—it’s considered one of the top fastest-acting supplements available today.

Prostanol Ingredients: Prostanol uses a proprietary blend called Phytosin, which contains 45mg of Campesterol, Beta-sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Sitostanol and Brassicasterol.

Does Prostanol Work?: Probably. Sterols are an important part of maintaining proper prostate health, and Prostanol contains five different types of sterols, upping its effectiveness significantly. According to eMedTV, sterols may reduce symptoms of prostate enlargement, such as urinary pain, prostate inflammation or poor bladder emptying. The American Heart Association also says it significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, which also affects aging men.

Beta-sitosterol may also prevent prostate problems, according to Studies show beta-sitosterol inhibits the progression of colon and prostate problems, along with a variety of other health issues. Other studies show it helps treat many symptoms related tobenign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), which enlarges and irritates the prostate gland. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce inflammation caused by benign prostatic hypertrophy.

But Prostanol is missing one key ingredient—Saw Palmetto. Sterols don’t work as effectively if it’s missing this key ingredient, which helps treat most symptoms of prostate enlargement and inflammation. It’s a key component of all effective prostate supplements, something that isn’t included in Prostanol.

Is Prostanol Safe?: Yes. None of the ingredients have any significant side effects and interact safely with most medications.

Grade: B. Prostanol contains a variety of sterols that improve prostate health, but misses one key ingredient—Saw Palmetto. Its easy-to-swallow gel capsules go to work faster than other prostate supplements, however, and won’t cause your body to go into a sick tail spin from too potent ingredients. This is a safe, more easily digestible alternative with a sterol-rich base medically approved to treat prostate problems.

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