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Prost-RX Review:

From the highly regarded Atlanta-based supplement manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, comes this exceptional product. We have it rated the number 3 prostate supplement due to its exceptional formula and high level of ingredients. While many products are essentially one-dimensional (e.g., all saw palmetto or all beta-sitosterol) Prost-Rx got high marks across the board. Only a few steps behind Prostavar and Vasotrexx, it is clearly the best of the rest. Many survey sheets remarked how well Prost-Rx has worked and how it is more effective than Flomaxx and Avadart. Super product developed by master nutraceutical formulator Jared Wheat. Prost-Rx is available or by calling 1-888-855-7919.

Prost-RX Basics:

Rich in vitamins, minerals and vegetarian-friendly saw palmetto, Prost-RX provides nutritional support for men with a very familiar health problem—an aging and prostate. Though it doesn’t claim to prevent prostate problems or benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), it does claim to provide the prostate with the proper tools to stay healthy and disease-free. Satisfied users also claim it’s even more effective than Flomax or Avodart, the only FDA approved drugs specifically approved to treat prostate enlargement.

Prost-RX Ingredients:

Prost-RX contains a rich blend of saw palmetto extract, pygeum extract, quercitin, essential amino acids, Belizian Man Vine extract, mulra puama extract and epimedium extract. Like other effective prostate health supplements, it is also rich in vitamin E, B6 and zinc.

Does Prost-RX Work?:

Yes. Unlike other supplements, Prost-RX contains a variety of effective ingredients, including saw palmetto extract, pygeum extract and quercitin. All three ingredients help reduce symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate, including poor bladder emptying, weak stream, bladder or prostate pain. It also helps reduce its size and prevent the development of prostatic diseases, such as benign prostatic hypertrophy. You can’t go wrong with plenty of zinc either—according to a study conducted by the National Health Institute, participants who took up to 100mg of zinc per day significantly slowed the development of prostate problems. It also reduced the participants’ total prostate problem risk.

Amino acids may also play an important role in prostate health. According to a study conducted by the Canadian Research Group, 94% of patients who received amino acid therapy significantly reduced their mortality rate—in fact, no patients died from prostate problems after receiving amino acid therapy—and stayed in remission longer, improving their survivability. Amino acid therapy also improved normal prostate function in some studies, reducing numerous prostate health problems. The participants also lowered their risk for developing an enlarged prostate.

The evidence surrounding amino acid use is overwhelming. Combined with Saw Palmetto and other core ingredients, there is significant evidence Prost-RX can reduce prostate problems and promote overall prostate health—better yet, it’s all-natural and vegetarian-friendly.

Is Prost-RX Safe?:

Mostly. Overdosing on any minerals or vitamins, especially zinc, can cause stomach pain, fatigue or weakness, but this is unlikely to happen if you use Prost-RX correctly. There are also no significant side effects associated with Saw Palmetto, quercitin or pygeum extract, and is not known to cause any contraindications with other medications.

Grade: A- It may significantly improve the health of your prostate, but doesn’t contain as many sterols as Vastorexx or Prostavar. This doesn’t mean it’s worthless, though—in fact, it may still be as effective as our two leading prostate supplements. You’re more likely to get a bigger benefit if you are at risk for developing prostate problems, however, as most of its ingredients help reduce its development.

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