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Product: Lycozyme

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Rating: D
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LycoZyme Basics:

Like the name suggests, LycoZymecontains only one key ingredient: lycopene, a tomato-derived extract. According to LycoZyme, lycopene–not saw palmetto–is the key to maintaining prostate health because of its rich, antioxidant base. To prove its efficacy, they cite a unnamed study showing men who consumed a high amount of tomato-based products had the lowest rates of prostate problems. LycoZyme’s manufacturer, Olympian Labs, also guarantees it will work within 30 days–or you get your money back.

Lycozyme Ingredients:

LycoZyme contains lycopene extract (5% standardized extract yielding 15mg of pure lycopene) and vegetable enzymes (amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease).

Does Lycozyme Work?:

It’s very unlikely. Although some companies claim lycopene can prevent–and sometimes cure–prostate problems, no national or worldwide studies confirm this is true. According to a study reported in Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, researchers were unable to find a link between lycopene and prostate problem prevention. Additional studies also confirmed lycopene had little impact on prostate problem prevention.

This impact is magnified by the fact lycopene is LycoZyme’s only key ingredient. With no other ingredients used to balance out its impact on the prostate, its effects may be increased.

Is Lycozyme Safe?: No.

Lycopene can increase a man’s risk for aggressive prostate problems, or prostate problems that spreads outside of the prostate. Men with a family history of prostate problems should seek medical advice before using this supplement.

Grade: D.┬áLycoZyme only contains one ingredient for the treatment of prostate problems, but one study actually reveals it can increase the risk for prostate problems, not prevent it. It also doesn’t contain other ingredients proven to treat common prostate problems, such as saw palmetto or pygeum extract. LycoZyme doesn’t earn a D based on its limited formula, however–it earns this D because it is potentially unsafe.

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