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Product: Herbal Prostate Complex

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Herbal Prostate Complex

Rating: D
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Herbal Prostate Complex Basics: If you’re looking for a prostate supplement that can help treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), or swelling of the prostate gland, Herbal Prostate Complex may be the answer. This all-natural prostate supplement claims it has the perfect formula to cure BPH naturally, without the use of harsh stimulant or synthetic ingredients. So what’s in the formula? Plenty of saw palmetto and pygeum bark–two ingredients shown to reduce BPH symptoms in numerous studies, promoting prostate health. But there’s something different about their formula that makes some experts doubt these claims.

Ingredients: Herbal Prostate Complex contains saw palmetto berries and seeds, nettle, pumpkin seed, pygeum bark, alisma rhizome, cornus fruit, rehmannia root, dioscorea, cinnamon bark and poria fruit.

Does it Work? There isn’t enough evidence. Saw palmetto is an effective herbal treatment for BPH: numerous studies confirm its ability to reduce urinary problems. But Herbal Prostate Complex isn’t using the entire plant here. Saw palmetto’s benefits are found in the entire plant, not just the berries. This may reduce its efficacy against BPH. Although pygeum bark is also identified as a natural treatment for BPH, this is mostly based on anecdotal evidence, with little clinical evidence available about its efficacy or safety. It may treat BPH, but we can’t say for sure. The other ingredients in Herbal Prostate Complex do not appear to have any verifiable benefits for the prostate.

Is it Safe? Maybe. Most of Herbal Prostate Complex’s ingredients are pretty new to the alternative health market and have not been officially tested for safety or contraindications with other drugs. We urge you to seek medical advice before using this prostate supplement, to avoid any serious reactions.

Grade: D. Although saw palmetto can treat BPH, it’s important to use the whole plant, not just the berries. Herbal Prostate Complex would be more effective if it used more natural ingredients with an already proven efficacy against BPH, such as quercitin and zinc.

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