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Best Prostate

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Best Prostate Operates from This House in The San Fernando Valley!
The address on the Best Prostate Bottle is 11518 Killion St. North Hollywood, California.
Here’s what located at that address. Not exactly where you would expect a self-proclaimed “world class supplement company” to be located!

With all the hype on the Best Prostate website, we had extremely high expectations that it would be one of the best formulas on the market. We were saddened by the results.

Best Prostate has a chart on their website comparing their formula to other beta-sitosterol intensive products. These comparisons’ are apparently just based upon label claims, because in the unbiased lab reports – where it really counts – Super Beta Prostate, literally destroyed Best Prostate. While Best Prostate posted a nice 230mg of phytosterols, Super Beta Prostate scored a 1,040mg! That’s five times stronger. An in the free fatty acid category Best Prostate score a very poor 0.661 – that’s less than 1mg! This lab test is a perfect example of how advertising claims and supplement facts claims don’t always tell the entire story. At the end of the day Best Prostate is still an average product because of the 230mg of phytosterols, but just not an elite or super elite formula. Grade C

Best Prostate Basics:

Made famous in Vitamin Retailer Magazine, Best Prostate is a natural prostate supplement that claims to treat problems caused by an enlarged prostate, including weak urinary stream, frequent urination and decreased sexual function. To boost prostate health, it includes over 300mg of beta-sitosterol, a sterol found naturally in the leaves of the saw palmetto plant. It’s also a suitable supplement for vegans who need an extra boost in prostate health–for all of its ingredients are vegetarian-friendly.

Best Prostate Ingredients:

Best Prostate contains beta-sitosterol, zinc and selenium.

Does Best Prostate Work?

We aren’t sure. Beta-sitosterol does play an important role in prostate health–it’s a common European treatment for prostate enlargement–but many studies reveal it’s only effective when combined with saw palmetto. Best Prostate does not contain any traces of saw palmetto, although it contains more than the recommended amount for beta-sitosterol.

But according to a national study reported in the Journal of the National Health Institute, zinc may play a role in prostate health. The study, which was conducted on around 47,000 American men, showed zinc supplementation under 100 mg per day decreased their risk for prostate problems. There is no evidence it decreased any of the problems indicated on Best Prostate’s website, however, including weak urinary stream or sexual dysfunction. Further evidence on selenium’s efficacy is also very limited.

Is Best Prostate Safe?

Best Prostate contains an excessive amount of beta-sitosterol, which can cause nausea, upset stomach and constipation. Ironically, overuse of beta-sitosterol also causes erectile dysfunction, a common sexual problem primarily affecting middle-aged men.

Grade: C. Best Prostate may claim to improve prostate health, but research shows its ingredients probably won’t have a substantial impact on prostate or sexual health. To make matters worse, it may also cause sexual problems, such as impotence.

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